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United Rental Group, s.r.o., registered office Ivánska cesta 4358/43, company ID No.: 44 560 940, recorded in the Business Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, file no.: 56233/B (hereinafter referred to as the "Lessor") according to Section 15(1) of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data Protection Act") shall provide the following information to the affected persons in connection with processing of personal data in the information system of the Lessor:

1. Based on the concluded contractual relationship, the Lessor is entitled to process information and personal data of an entrepreneur or a natural person, individual, who enters into the contractual relationship with the Lessor (hereinafter referred to as the "Lessee"):

-        data of the Lessee - legal person / natural person - entrepreneur: the company name and registered office, place of business, names, permanent residences, personal ID numbers, dates of birth, ID card numbers of members of statutory bodies, persons authorised to act on behalf of the Lessee, the so-called empowered persons, company ID no., tax ID no., VAT ID no., contact details (contact addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses), payment details (bank account data, method of payment, payment/credit card details and other payment details), loyalty card numbers, handwritten signature, seal.

-        details of the Lessee - natural person: name and surname, address, contact details (mobile number, e-mail address), loyalty card numbers, date of birth, data on the ID card and the driver's license card and/or the passport, details of damage occurrences, payment details (payment method, payment / credit card information and other data concerning payments), information on the use of the leased vehicle, handwritten signature.

2. Based on a specific consent the Lessor is entitled to process:

-        copies of proofs of identity of natural persons and/or other electronically produced and recorded copies and transcripts of proofs of identity (document scanning, verifying the authenticity of documents that are stored on electronic media and so on) under the condition that the Lessor in reasonable cases requires such proofs of identity from the affected person;

-        the personal data of other natural persons entitled to drive the leased motor vehicle besides the Lessee (hereinafter referred to as "Additional Driver"). Based on contractual arrangements with the Lessor the Lessee is obliged to provide personal data of Additional Drivers, while the Lessee is entitled to transfer personal data of the Additional Drivers solely on an appropriate legal basis. If the Lessee lacks the consent or another power (eg. Section 10(3)(b) of Personal Data Protection Act), the Lessee is not entitled to transfer personal data of the Additional Driver. If the personal data is provided directly by the Additional Driver, the Lessor, before the personal data is provided, shall request from the Additional Driver a special consent to the processing of personal data in the information system of the Lessor.

The consent of the person concerned (Lessee, Additional Driver, etc.) is awarded freely and voluntarily and can be revoked at any time by written request delivered to the Lessor's registered office. The affected person may only provide truthful, accurate and complete personal data. The person concerned shall be liable for untrue, incomplete and non-updated personal data. Each person concerned is entitled to information, transcription and correction/update of his/her personal data processed by the Lessor.

3. The Lessor is,

-        under Section 10(3)(g) of Personal Data Protection Act, entitled to process data about the location of the leased vehicle driven by the Additional Driver;

-        under Section 10(3)(b) of Personal Data Protection Act, entitled to process data about the location of the leased vehicle driven by the Lessee;

obtained by a monitoring device, if the vehicle is fitted with it. The processing of personal data (resulting from the obtained information about the location of the vehicle) occurs only if the Lessor is able to identify the natural person using the vehicle and the vehicle is fitted with a monitoring device.  In that case the personal data shall be processed in the extent of obtained GPS information about the location of the vehicle and the derivable characteristics of the affected person. When accepting a vehicle, the Lessee is informed that the leased vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring device.

4. The Lessor shall process the personal data specified in item 1 and 2 solely for the purpose of introducing pre-contractual relations (particularly reservation, provision of data for preparation of the Contract); conclusion and performance of the Contract, its amendment or termination; billing, records and recovery of receivables; handling of insurance and damage claims.

5. The Lessor shall process the personal data specified in item 3 solely in order to protect the rights and interests protected by law, in particular in order to protect assets and financial interests of the Lessor.

6. The Lessor gives access to and/or provides the aforesaid data of persons and information about persons who have or may have the scope of personal data, if necessary, only to courts, law enforcement agencies and insurance companies (on the basis of specific regulations), namely due to provision of concurrence in order to protect legally protected interests of the Lessor and the affected persons.

7. The Lessor shall process the data through its own authorized persons or through branches and representative offices in the Slovak Republic - intermediaries - that are authorized under a contract concluded with the Lessor to process personal data on its behalf. The current list of subcontractors and intermediaries is available on the website of the Lessor, or it can be provided on the customer service line +421902939391 or in electronic form (e-mail) based on a request sent to the email address

8. In order to achieve the necessary purpose of processing, the Lessor shall process personal data in the scope of the data specified in the Rental Contract transmitted within the EU of AVIS Budget Services Ltd. Avis House, Park Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 EW (with the exception of data obtained from GPS monitoring devices and produced copies of official documents). In case that, consciously and based on own decision, the affected person  provides personal data to an AVIS branch based in a country outside of the EU, he/she shall be aware that this country may not provide an adequate level of personal data protection.

9. The Lessor commits to preserve confidentiality of data and information that it processes. The Lessor shall not use it for its own needs and without an adequate legal basis of the person it shall not provide or disclose it to anyone. The commitment of confidentiality shall continue even after termination of the contractual relationship. The obligation of confidentiality does not apply to any of the concerned parties if it is necessary under a specific regulation for the performance of activities of the law enforcement agencies or in relation to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic for the performance of its tasks. The rights of affected natural persons are defined by the Personal Data Protection Act. Based on Section 28 of the Personal Data Protection Act, an affected person shall be entitled to require from the Lessor the following:

-        a confirmation that the Lessor processes/does not process personal data of my minor child;

-        in a comprehensible form, information about processing of personal data in the information system in the extent defined by the Personal Data Protection Act;

-        in a comprehensible form, exact information about the source from which the Lessor obtained the personal data for processing;

-        in a comprehensible form, a list of the personal data that is subject to processing;

-        amendment and disposal of incorrect, incomplete and outdated personal data that is subject to processing; 

-        disposal of the personal data for which the purpose of processing has finished;

-        disposal of the personal data that is subject to processing if the law has been breached;

-        blocking of the personal data as a result of the revocation of the consent before the expiration of the term of its validity.

In case of application of the right by sending an e-mail or facsimile request, this request shall be considered as submitted if it is thereafter delivered to the Lessor also in writing within three days at the latest after its dispatch via e-mail or facsimile.

10. The Lessor has adopted and in practice applies appropriate technical, organisational and personal measures to protect the processed data and information in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic.

11. Pursuant to applicable legal regulations, the Lessor shall be required to archive a selected part of contractual documentation as accounting documentation for the period of 10 years following the Contract expiry.

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