Rental terms and conditions


Lessor hereby rents to Renter the vehicle described overleaf (“the vehicle”) subject to all the terms and conditions herein, Renter acknowledges and it is agreed:

1. That Renter received the vehicle in good order and condition and will return the same together with tyres, tools, car documents, accessories and equipment in the same condition (ordinary wear and tear expected but excepting undue wear and team by reason of abuse) to the agreed return location specified overleaf on the date specified overleaf unless Renter requests and Lessor agrees to an extension, or sooner upon demand of Lessor.

2. The vehicle shall not be operated:

a. To transport goods in violation of Customs regulations or in any other illegal matter;

b. To transport passangers or property for remuneration (express or implied);

c. To propel or tow any vehicle or trailer;

d. In motor sport events;

e. By a driver under influence of alcohol or drugs

f. By any person other than:


Renter or any person(s) nominated or employed by Renter and approved by Lessor who is at the time of rental at least 21 year of age(or should other age limit stated on Lessor’s tariff for the type of vehicle rented), is dulyqualified and holds and has held a current driving licence for at least one year or


In the case of breakdown or accident a motor vehicle repairer provided that he is dully qualified and licensed;

g. Outside of the country of rental without the express consent from Lessor

3. That Renter is fully and unconditionally liable to pay Lessor on demand:

a. Charge for kilometers computed at the rate specified overleaf for the kilometers driven by the vehicle until the vehicle is returned (the number of kilometers over which the vehicle is operated shall be determined by reading an odometer installed by the manufacturer, if odometer fails charge for kilometers shall be calculated from the road map distance of the journey travelled);

b. Time, collision damage waiver (if any), personal accident (if any) and miscellaneous charges at the rates specified overleaf;

c. The additional fee for one-way rental service if any, as specified overleaf or, if the vehicle is left elsewhere than at the agreed return location without Lessor’s written consent and a fee per KM as determined by Lessor from the renting location to location where vehicle is left;

d. All fines and costs for parking, traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle, Renter, other driver or Lessor until the vehicle is returned, except where caused by fault of Lessor;

e. Lessor’s costs including reasonable legal fees where permitted bylaw, incurred collecting payments due from Renter hereunder,

f. Lessor’s costs of repairing damage howsovever caused to the actual vehicle supplied, irrespective of the group of vehicle requested, plus loss of revenue at the daily rate shown overleaf based on Lessor’s loss of use of vehicle; Lessor’s costs of replacing vehicle in the event of theft. However if Renter complies with all the terms of this agreement, especially as mentioned in point no.4 bellow, Renters liability for such cost shall:


Not exceed the responsibility amount as shown in box (51) and (52) overleaf for such occurrence and


Be limited to the applicable non-waivable excess amount in respect of damage if Renter has purchased in advance collision damage waiver as evidenced by the indication in the “accept” space overleaf (box (51A)), subject to terms of insurance policy arranged by Lessor with its insurance company

g. Cost of fuel consumed during rental together with any refueling charge currently operated by Lessor;

h. The applicable local taxes (if any) payable at the above mentioned items.

4. Renter agrees further to protect the interests of Lessor and its insurance company in case of accident, loss or damage to the vehicle by:

a. Obtaining names and addresses of parties involved as well as witnesses;

b. Not admitting liability or guilt or giving money to any person involved;

c. Not abandoning the vehicle without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing same;

d. Notifying the AVIS Station where vehicle was rented by telephone even in in case of slight damage; further completing Lessor’s incident report within 24 hours and delivering it to the same station no later than on last day of rental;

e. Notifying the police immediately if another party’s quilt has to be ascertained or if any person is injured;




f. Ensuring that that vehicle is always locked when unattended Should Renter fail to do so, he or she is fully and unconditionally liable for all costs incurred no matter of waivers stated overleaf. Renter also acknowledges that any waiver protection as stated overleaf is subject to terms of insurance policy arranged by Lessor with it’s insurance company. Should damage not be covered by these terms, Renter is fully and unconditionally liable for all costs incurred.

Both Lessor and Renter do agree that damage on vehicles can be quantified using specialize calculation software which is commonly used by insurance companies to repair costs for vehicles and such calculation is a full equivalent of proving actual costs of repair.

5. Should Renter purchase:

a. Personal accident insurance by the indication in the “accept” space overleaf (box (55A)) he or she shall obtain cover under the terms of the policy arranged by Lessor with its insurance company

6. That Renter hereby releases and indemnifies Lessor from and against the liability for loss of for damage to any property (including costs relating hereto) left, transported by Renter or any other person in or upon the vehicle before or after return of the vehicle by Lessor

7. As Lessor whilst taking all precautions and using it’s best effort to prevent such happening, Lessor shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any fault or defect in or from mechanical failure of the vehicle or any consequential loss or damage

8. In case of any breach of terms and condition of this contract by Renter, Lesssor is fully entitled to, without any notec, to repossesses he vehicle and for such purpose may enter upon premises where the vehicle may be and and Renter shall be responsible for and indemnify Lessor against all actions, claims, costs and damages consequent upon or arising from such repossession and removal

9. That if by virtue of the billing instruction as completed overleaf it is Renter’s intention to pay by credit card or charge card, the Renter’s signature overleaf constitutes authority for Lessor to compute and debit the final total charges, including chares due as a result of theft of, or damage to vehicle against Renter’s account with the specified cards issuing organization. The rate of exchanging used on any currency coversion shall be determined by Lessor.

10. That any addition or alternation to these terms and conditions shall be null void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

11. The Parties have agreed that the rights and the obligations under this Contract shall be governed by provisions of the Contract, its terms and conditions and lease arrangements (General Business Terms and Conditions) and provisions of Act No. 513/1991 Coll. the Commercial Code as amended by later regulations or a binding legal act of the European Union.

12. If the Lessee returns an excessively dirty vehicle, the client shall be liable for damages after washing and cleaning of the vehicle that are not marked on the acceptance record in the section "Vehicle on Return" for the period of 48 hours following the physical return of the vehicle. At the same time the Lessee commits to return the vehicle at a branch office of the Lessor in the presence of the Lessor's employee in order to be able to document possible damages to the vehicle. If the Lessee returns the vehicle without the presence of the Lessor's employee, he/she shall be liable for any damage discovered upon checking the vehicle by the Lessor's employee and automatically agrees to pay a compensation for such damage.

13. In case that the Lessor purchased the collision damage waiver and theft protection insurance coverage (CDW + TP) or it is included in the price of the lease (with a deductible of 5 percent, however at least in the amount specified in the item responsibility of the other party, in case of theft the deductible is 10 percent, unless the framework contract concluded with the Lessee specifies otherwise), the Lessee's obligation in case of vehicle damage is to provide to the Lessor all available information about the damage that occurs, namely by filling in the "CDW + TP record". If the Lessee does not do so on the last day of the lease at the latest, the Lessor reserves the right to charge the Lessee the full amount for covering the cost of the repairs by issuing an invoice or from the Lessee's credit card, which the Lessee provided upon the vehicle acceptance or with the financial institution that had issued the card.

14. If the Lessee buys a zero-deductible CDW + TP insurance coverage, the same terms and conditions as stated in item 13 of this document shall apply.

15. The Lessor reserves the right to encumber the Lessee's account at the institution that had issued the aforesaid card in the amount of the guarantee specified by the Lessor, which means that the Lessee shall not have this amount available throughout the term of the lease.

16. AVIS vehicles are non-smoking. If during the use of the vehicle the client breaches this condition, AVIS reserves the right to charge the fee of 100 Euros excluding VAT.

17. The document "Processing of data and information about the lease ", which regulates the terms and conditions of personal data processing in the Lessor's information system, shall form an inseparable part of the Rental Contract.

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