Rental Terms and Conditions

Minimum age of the driver and the driver's license:

21 for the groups P, A, B
23 for the groups groups C, D, E, F, I,J,M,NO
25 yeas for the groups G,H
In case of not meeting the required age, the client may ask for an exception for an additional charge.


Booking may be confirmed only for a vehicle group.

Payment terms and conditions:

Avis Charge Card, Visa, EC/MC, Diners Club Card. Payment in cash for a charge.
On each card we block the deposit for a rented car. The amount of the deposit differs and it depends on the vehicle category. For more information, contact our office.


The daily rate is understood as 24 hours from the time of the rental. For exceeding the time of the rental by more than 59 minutes an additional daily rate will be charged.

The weekend rate begins on Friday 8:00 and ends on Monday 8:00 and the vehicle has to be returned to the office where it was rented. The weekend rate may only be combined with the rate that includes a limited number of kilometres.

The prices include compulsory liability insurance against damages caused by operation of a motor vehicle up to the amount of 5 million Euros, oil and fillings, but they do not include fuel consumption.

Refuelling: AVIS rents out vehicles with full tank. The missing fuel on return of the vehicle will be charged. This charge also takes into account handling costs of refuelling.

The charge for not returning the vehicle documentation (loss, forgetting to bring) within 24 hours is, based on applicable contractual conditions, 199.20 Euros.

The charge for not returning the vehicle keys (loss, forgetting to bring) is, based on applicable contractual conditions, 360 Euros.

The charge for not returning the complete compulsory equipment (loss, forgetting to bring) is, based on applicable contractual conditions, 60 Euros.

Airport fee: In case of rental beginning at the airport the airport fee will be charged: 10 percent of the amount of the rental.

Winter maintenance: During winter season (1 October - 31 March) the winter maintenance fee will be charged (winter tyres).

Services outside of business hours:

Our services are available outside of the office business hours for an additional charge.

Additional driver:

Additional drivers need to be reported to AVIS. One-time fee will be charged.

Car accessories:

Snow chains, car seats, holders for skis for an additional charge.

Delivery / Collection:

On request we deliver and collect vehicles anywhere on the whole territory of Slovakia.




One-way journeys:
For situations when you need to return a car outside of the office where you rented it, we offer the service of one-way journeys. The car can be returned at AVIS offices practically all over Europe. The prices for the most frequently used locations are specified in the list of charges.


Journey abroad:


Entry is not allowed to the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, countries of former Yugoslavia (except for Croatia), Russia, Ukraine, Romania.
For the group of vehicles P, A, B, C entry is allowed to the following countries: Hungary, Poland.



Collision damage waiver and theft protection insurance /CDW, TP/. Personal accident insurance /PAI/ can be concluded for a fee with a relevant insurance company.
AVIS offers a plan of partial coverage of damages caused by vehicle damage, loss or theft.
In case of using drugs, alcoholic beverages and other mood altering substances, the client is fully liable for damages on the vehicle in spite of paying the insurance premium. Any reduction by the insurance company of the insurance coverage ensuing from damages to the vehicle will automatically be transferred onto the lessee. In case that the lessee leaves documents, keys or other important documents in the vehicle, he/she shall bear full liability to the lessor in case of their loss.


Additional information:

AVIS will not bear any responsibility for the client's assets and for things left in the car.

VAT refund is not possible.

AVIS reserves the right to change the terms and the conditions of the rental.


The client shall bear all the charges related to the period of the rental during which the customer used the vehicle.
• A GPS device is available for an additional charge.
Period of rental/territorial validity:
• Any extension of the rental has to be reported by the lessee at least 24 hours before the agreed termination of the rental. The extension has to be carried out in person represented by the lessor and the lessee has to obtain a written consent of such extension. Meanwhile the lessee is obliged to pay the rent in full amount for such extension to the lessor. Any failure to extend within the specified period shall be considered as unauthorised use of a foreign vehicle with all the consequences.

Additional conditions for the groups of vehicles M and N:

Vehicle overloading:
Vehicle in the category M, N are N1; therefore, their overall weight cannot exceed: in case of the M category 3,000 kg, which means that the weight of the cargo cannot exceed 1,080 kg. In case of the N category, the maximum permissible weight is 3,500 kg, which means that the cargo may not exceed 1,365 kg. In the event of overloading a vehicle, the client has breached the terms of AVIS and must pay a contractual fine of 3,000 Euros plus for damages.


In case of rental for entrepreneurs the client is entitled to VAT deduction.

AVIS reserves the right to make adjustments.



Country of rental

Date you will pick-up the vehicle.

Date you will return the vehicle

Optional Additional Information

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