Together with vehicles you can also rent mobile GPS equipment with updated maps ofWestern Europe. We offer GPS navigations GARMIN Nüvi 150T with 5" display, simple controls and in many languages. This way AVIS will ensure reliable arrival to your destination.

The price of the navigation is EUR 6 per day, however maximum EUR 70 for the whole period of the lease.


Map data for Garmin equipment is provided by NAVTEQ™, the global leader in the provision of premium quality map data. This enhanced navigation database enables the user to search within the network of points of interest such as restaurants, repair shops, hotels, fuel stations, banks and many others.


Vehicles with extra seats

AVIS significantly expanded its offer of vehicles with extra seats, now there are even more of these vehicles available. Vehicles with 7 seats are represented by modern Peugeot 5008, which besides having rich accessories offers a fresh and cutting-edge design.

Vehicles with 9 seats are represented by the big vehicles Renault Traffic and Master, which are able to transport 9 persons together with spacious luggage.

These cars are ideal for vacations, team building activities, weddings, transport of more employees for business trips, ski trips and so on.

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